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Toyama Ryu Kata 戸山流 形

The eight Toyama Ryu kata were adapted from the original training kata from the Toyama Military Academy.  Kata teach the student how to move, draw, defend, and attack efficiently.  They present scenarios where the enemy attacks from different directions and instructs the student how to deal with the situation.  They are the main training tool for Japanese Swordsmanship.  You can find details of the kata at Toyama Ryu Kata.

Each of the kata teaches different lessons.  It is important to know the purpose of each detailed movement, but it may take the student time to understand the nuances.  Basic movement must be learned first.  It is through the understanding of the subtle details that we reach a true understanding of our art.  There are lessons to be learned the first time a kata is done, and still lessons to be learned after doing that kata hundreds or even thousands of times.  It is not about the memorization of many kata, it is about the true understanding of a few.

  1. Ippon Me (一本目) Mea No Teki (前の敵)
    Enemy to the front
  2. Nihon Me (二本目) Migi No Teki (右の敵)
    Enemy to the right
  3. Sambon Me (三本目) Hidari No Teki (左の敵)
    Enemy to the left
  4. Yonhon Me (四本目) Ushiro No Teki (後の敵)
    Enemy to the rear
  5. Gohon Me (五本目) Chokuzen No Teki (直前の敵)
    Enemies just in front
  6. Roppon Me (六本目) Ushiro Mae No Teki (後前の敵)
    Enemies to rear and front
  7. Nanahon Me (七本目) Hidari Migi Mae No Teki (左右前の敵)
    Enemies left, right, and front
  8. Happon Me (八本目) Itto Dodan (一刀土壇)
    Single stoke execution

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