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Kumitachi are two person kata.  Each Kumitachi presents the student with a different attack and potential defense.  There are two roles in each Kumitachi.  The Uchidachi is the attacker who initiates the confrontation.  The Shidachi is the defender who must react with a defensive action followed by a counter-attack.  They teach the student how to gauge distance, predict an opponents movement, and react to different attacks.  You can find details on the kumitachi at Toyama Ryu Kumitachi.

A set of Kumitachi begins and ends with a bow to your training partner. In general all forward steps start with the right foot and all backwards steps start with the left. Every attack should also have a Kiai. The Uchidachi (Attacker) leads all movement up to the point they would be struck down. The Shidachi (Defender) leads all movement after that. The person leading movement defines positions and form. The person following adjusts to those positions. For instance the Shidachi might place their sword into a Chudan Kamae position at the end of a Kumitachi and the Uchidachi would make sure the kissaki were level and overlapping the proper amount. Kumitachi end with five short steps back to their original starting position.

  1. Ippon Me (一本目) Mamuka Giri (真向斬り)
    Kill opponent straight ahead
  2. Nihon Me (二本目) Morote Tsuki (諸手突き)
    Kill with two handed thrust
  3. Sambon Me (三本目) Hidari Kesagiri (左袈裟斬り)
    Kill with diagonal cut to the left
  4. Yonhon Me (四本目) Suihei Giri (水平斬り)
    Kill with a horizontal cut
  5. Gohon Me (五本目) Migi Kesagiri (右袈裟斬り)
    Kill with diagonal cut to the right
  6. Roppon Me (六本目) Hidari Kesagiri (左袈裟斬り)
    Kill with diagonal cut to the left

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